2019 ASMC National Capital Region PDI
Our 2019 ASMC National Capital Region PDI is a vibrant gathering from across the Washington metropolitan area to optimize our DoD enterprise education and training, dialogue, networking, as well as enhance our fund-raising for charities and scholarships. Last year our event sold out, with over 1,600 government and industry professionals. Please join us on Thursday 14 March 2019 at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington D.C. for a terrific day of learning, discourse, and certification [7 CPEs]. There is no cost for our active military/government ASMC members to ensure attendance. Invited keynote speakers this year will include the Honorable Patrick Shanahan, Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the Honorable David Norquist, Under Secretary of Defense for Financial Management and Comptroller.

Our 2019 ASMC National Capital Region PDI theme is “Who Dares Wins.” This famous motto of the British Special Air Service has been adopted by many organizations within our military to include SEALs and Special Forces preparing for highly risky missions. Daring, aided by unity, preparation and purposeful risk are critical success facts – to push the limits and accomplish the seemingly unattainable. Can we as DoD FM professionals - essential partners in freedom’s fight - do any less?

The DoD Financial Management triumvirate – military, civilian, and contractor professionals – has been challenged and funded by DoD Leaders since 2001 to effectively transform legacy operations, achieve audit, and enhance professional advancement. We have prepared long and hard. 2019 is our time to dare - cast aside conservatism, apprehension, and the status quo for real change - to achieve transformational outcomes and repurpose scarce funds to the fight.


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Wayne Whiten, MAOM, CFE, CICA, CDFM-A
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