2021 ASMC Virtual National Capital Region PDI
Sorry, registration for 2021 ASMC Virtual National Capital Region PDI is currently closed.
Government Rates:

$0 ASMC members who are current active duty military and government civilian employees only [government civilian badges or active military ID cards]

$0 - Non-ASMC members who are current Government employees

Corporate Rates:

$149 - Corporate Rate that includes retired government and contractors working onsite at government locations for ASMC members

$199 - Corporate for non-ASMC members

Both retired military/government personnel must pay the non-government registration fee to attend depending on if they are current ASMC members or non-members.
All contractor employees [employed by commercial firms] regardless of whether they are in the reserves or not [unless status is full-time duty as a reservist] pay our contractor registration fee as ASMC member or non-member.

There will be no refunds or cancellations after March 1, 2021. In addition, there will be no replacement of personnel (substitutions) for free registrants.

Warning: The SF 1556 or SF 182 is not valid payment method. However, we understand that the ASMC Washington Chapter address and vendor information is a requirement on these forms. Please use the below address and POC for this requirement. Payments using the Government purchase card (IMPAC) will be accepted.

Wayne Whiten, MAOM, CFE, CICA, CDFM-A
6361 Walker Lane, Suite 1000
ATTN: 2021 ASMC National Capital Region PDI
Metro Park
Alexandria, Virginia 22310-3252
(703) 797-8831 phone
(703) 509-1544 Cell
(703) 600-3831 fax
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