Thursday 9 March 2023 at the Washington Convention Center
The 2023 ASMC NCR PDI is being held on Thursday 9 March 2023 at the Washington Convention Center!

This is a vibrant engagement sponsored by the ASMC Washington Chapter to optimize Defense education and training, dialogue, networking, as well as fund-raising. Last year we had over 2000 virtual attendees from across the globe. Please join us for this commanding experience and a terrific day of learning, discourse, and certification.

PLEASE NOTE: as there is a tremendous amount of new work for the committee to execute/ensure our recognized high value training outcome, our attendance must be limited to 1600 this year, so please register early if you wish to attend in person. We strongly encourage non-members join ASMC (click here to join/renew) to enjoy year-around benefits such as this high value training. Please have your ASMC Membership number available during registration.

Our 2023 ASMC NCR PDI theme is "We the People = Power for Real Change" as together, moving forward, we are undefeatable! We have an exciting, thought-provoking program planned, including confirmed keynote speaker USDC Honorable Michael McCord and a morning panel chaired by the Honorable Robert Hale, to provide an update on the PPBE Reform Commission's transformational initiatives. Additionally, we will have corporate-sponsored Digital Innovation and Financial Management Transformation Sessions, and our always popular OUSD(C) and Military Service FM Updates. This training event provides up to 7 CPEs!

Thank you for your support of our premier training event! Sign up and bring your colleagues and friends. For questions, please contact our Registration/Website Chair Wayne Whiten ( or call 703-797-8831 or 703-509-1544.
Pricing Dec 1, 2022 - Mar 9, 2023
 Government ASMC Member $0.00 
 Corporate/Private ASMC Member $229.00 
 Government Non-Member $99.00 
 Corporate/Private Non-Member $429.00 
 ASMC Members Early Careerist
 (10 years or less in Career)
Note: For group registrations please provide a detailed by name list of your group with amount due & payment information to the Registration Chair (RC). Once received, the RC will provide you with a Group Code to register your group via the website.
There will be no refunds or Cancellations after February 21, 2023. In addition, there will be no replacement of personnel (substitutions) for free registrants.

Warning: The SF 1556 or SF 182 are not valid payment methods. However, we understand that the ASMC Washington Chapter address and vendor information is a requirement on these forms. Please use the below address and POC for this requirement. Payments using the Government purchase card (IMPAC) will be accepted.

Wayne Whiten, MAOM, CFE, CICA, CDFM-A
6361 Walker Lane, Suite 1000
ATTN: 2023 ASMC National Capital Region PDI
Metro Park
Alexandria, Virginia 22310-3252
(703) 797-8831 phone
(703) 509-1544 cell
(703) 600-3831 fax